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ATUM Series (PMF-M10)
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Indoor Gardening
LED Grow Light
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LED Mini Farm / ATUM Series    PMF-M10

Indoor Gardening - Home, Shop, Cafe, Kitchen, Office, School

► Fresh vegetable is great way to add vitamins, minerals, fibers and other nutrients to your daily diet.

► Grow year' round. you'll be amazing how quick your crop or vegetables will grow.

► Easy use, one plug automatically control the plants growth and safe in low-voltage.

► LED grow light and hydroponic design.

► Purely nature and chemical free.

► Good to Children and new grower for learning or adjusting mood.

► Smart size and favorable price. Anywhere can be located.


► Power Consumption : 17 Watt

► Input Voltage : 90~245V, 50/60Hz

► Lighting : LED Grow Light (PPF 200μmol @200mm)

► Lamp Angle : 60 °

► Size : W 360mm x L 180mm x H 390mm

► Safety : CE, EMC, LVD

► Cultivable Plants : Herb , Green leaf , Strawberry, Flowers, etc.

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