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Grow plants by artificial lighting
- The age of Edison

Human beings have constantly continued the expansion of space and time development with the invention of artificial lighting. Human productivity has increased by various application of artificial lighting since the time of Edison especially in the fields of agriculture, livestock and fishing industries.

The light revolution
has begun The age of LED

At present, agricultural industries are facing a turning point with the advent of semiconductor LED. Existing lighting has a wide wave range designed for human sight. On the other hand, LED lighting has a capability of growing plants with computer accuracy emitting short wavelength that effects plants and insects.

During the 1960s, LED was first used to grow plants in outer space by NASA. Today, it is has many practical uses in various fields due to low-cost mass production. In the 1980s, Japan started applying LED to grow high-quality vegetables and flowers. Because of this, a steady supply of high-quality seedlings has been made possible to suppliers all-year round, as well as medicinal and industrial plants.

LED lighting is not just a general trend but becoming an essential tool for survival in today’s competitive market as its application becomes more diverse. PARUS is the strong partner for raising your competitiveness in business environment, more so in these times of crisis.

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