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Obtained patents

-LED lighting : Patent of LED lighting for plant factory, Patent for an invention of
LED lighing (Grow lighting), Patent of LED heat releasing structural technic Patent of brightness improving sturcture,
Patents for all the Parus products' design.
-Solar part : patent of slim type with double sides structure
-LED Light Box : Patent for front snap open frame, Patent forLED light box with digital light frame in one body
Patent for installing structure of double sided light box

Major performances

Exported to 27nations in the world.

- North America,Europe, South America, Asia, Africa

Japan - Bonheur Group

- Scenery light system was replaced with PARUS products totally in 6 buildings. (Osaka, Japan)
- 2003' Osaka Chance building, 2004' Osaka Mirage building etc.,

Beijing national rail road, China

- 2006~2007' All of the subway stations in Beijing installed PARUS light boxes
- 2008' finished work befor the Olympic starts

Singapore Changi Airport

- 2007' Singapore Changi int'l air port installed PARUS Light Boxes
- PARUS was selected becasue the technic, stability, power saving

andlong-live life time

- Singapore Chani airport was selected as the world's No.1 airport in 2007

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